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Ayl is a wine village by Trier-Saarburg in the region Rhineland-Palatinate, village population is about 1,520 people, and it lies 148 m over the NN.

Ayl has always been a wine village; the Romans grew some grapes on the world knowing hills of the “Ayler Kupp” for Riesling wine.

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Activities available in the local area: 


  • Excellent bicycling and hiking trails runs along The Saar and The Mosel Invite you to explore our region by bike or foot.
  • Boat rides are also available for a cruise down the Saar River (4 km)
  • additionally The Mosel River in Trier (20 km)
  • Tennis courts are available in Ayl (600 mtr.)
  • Indoor and Outdoor Pool’s in Saarburg (4 km)
  • Summer Bob slide in Saarburg (4 km)
  • Waterfall in Saarburg (4 km)
  • Wine tasting in Ayl or local area
  • Ancient Roman ruins in Tawern (7 km)
  • Roman Baths in Trier etc. (20 km)
  • Sightseeing and City tours in Germany’s oldest city (20 km) Trier
  • Tours are available to Luxembourg, or Luxembourg Switzerland (42 or 25 km)

More Information/ distances and facilities:

  • Bakery located in town (400 mtr.)
  • Local bus stop destination to Saarburg or Trier (200 mtr.)
  • Lounge/Restaurant located in town
  • Numerous vineyards’ are also available within walking distance
  • Car Garage/Tire Service in town
  • Hospital (4 km)
  • Doctor/Dentist/Eye Doctor (4 km)
  • Pharmacy (4 km)
  • Shopping Center (4 km)
  • Restaurants in Saarburg (4 km)
  • Pizza Service (4 km)
  • Train station in Saarburg (4 km)
  • Gas station in Saarburg (4 km)
  • Shopping in Konz (10 km)
  • Shopping in Trier (20 km)
  • Closest airport located Luxembourg (38 km)


                         Wine tasting in Ayl

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